Friday, August 20, 2010

Challenge #1: Runs from August 20th, 2010 to September 10th, 2010

Congratulations to Lynne for winning our very first challenge!

Welcome. Welcome to what we hope will be an historic event of sorts. Welcome to the very first Inkredible 21 Day Challenge sponsored today and once a month until...forever? by AmberInk.

Rules to live by:

  •  You must use at least ONE AmberInk product.

  •  If you enter, you must also vote for your top THREE faves.
           Voting polls will be open for three days 9/11/2010 - 9/13/2010.
           Entries can be linked anytime up to 9/10/2010 but enter sooner for more

  •   You must follow the theme for the month.

Now, the theme this month is: BOOKS

This means that to enter this challenge you must use an AmberInk product to create SOMETHING to do with books. Yes, it can be a card but it must be related to books in some way. You may cover a book, make a book plate, make a journal or homework assignment book, a recipe book, a cover for your name it but "book" and "AmberInk" must be involved in some way.

Check HERE for some ideas to light your creative spark.

This month the colors and the sketch are up to you. Next month this will change. Every month at AmberInk things change. This of course if due to the fact that we are Brilliant and not patient...just like YOU!

Oh, and there is just one more thing.  Our prize is like UNLIKE any other prize in Inksville.  You will vote on your top three faves.  Our AmberInk (TH)ink tank will make the final decision on the ultimate winner.  That winner will receive something unusual, something unique, something absolutely INKredible.  You will find out who and what at our next release on September 20th, 2010.

Make it for yourself, your teacher, your little kiddo, your friend.  Make it with an AmberInk product or two.  Make it to celebrate reading, books and maybe, just maybe to win an A+, good job, Super, Fantastic, INKredible PRIZE!!!!

So what are you waiting for? Go and create something fabulous.  You have until Midnight EST on September 10th.

Now don't forget to come back and vote for your top THREE picks from 9/11/2010-9/13/2010.  The prize is going to be MIND BLOWING!!!!

P.S.  All Torchbearers, previous and otherwise, can enter for a chance to win.  We are an Equal Opportunity Stamping Company here ladies!!!!


  1. Sounds exiting girls, will get my thinking cap on!

  2. I love it!!! I'm already plotting :)

  3. So exciting! I've got my project ready to go!

  4. OOOOh...I can't wait to enter! This is totally uber cool :)