Thursday, January 27, 2011

Challenge #6 runs from January 27th thru February 16th!

Welcome to AmberInk's InKrEDIble 21 Day Challenge!

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated, but to recieve something hand made on that day?  Why that is just a treasure.  It's still early in the year, so why not prepare ahead for those special days AND enter our challenge?

Have a peek at our IDEA page to get started.

This month's theme is :
An AmberINK Birthday Bash!

Create anything to do with birthdays – it can be cards,
decorations, favors or even the wrappings,
but you must use at lease ONE AmberInk product.

Oh, one more thing...time to bust open the pinata on the voting thing. 
 From now on, we are saying adieu, farewell, tata to that  and we are going RANDOM!
Our ONE grand prize winner at the end of the challenge
will be chosen randomly. 
The Rules are Simple:

Use at least ONE AmberInk product in your entry

Create anything to do with birthdays

Blog about it and tell us who/what/where...we want the deets on EVERYTHING!

Add your linky.

You can enter up to 3 times.

Our Torchbearer's are already lighting the candles!

(you have to click on Meg's name to see what she made ;)

And the WINNER of AmberInk's InKredible 21 Day Challenge? The most AMAZING, AWESOME, ASTONISHING prize in blogsville! Make sure you click on the winning badges up on the right! Check under Winning Developments.

Congratulations to MONIKA REECK who won challenge #5!  Watch as her ideas develop.

You could win it too - a set that YOU create with Amber. Dream BIG ladies. All you have to do is Enter and Win!!!!

Put on your birthday caps and play along!


  1. Congratulation Sista Nika (Monika Reeck)

  2. Congratulations to Monika!

    These birthday projects are amazing (the Torchbearers get better and better)!

  3. Thanks Amber Inks I am so happy being a winner on your blog and thanks to Susan, Mbak Dwita and Emily...hugs to you all...

  4. Hi Amber.. I am soo sorry that I have posted or played along until now.. I JUST love your stamp sets and have colored several of them soo you will be seeing more of me